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Series 855
Fr. Cedric Pisegna, C.P. presents 8 TV Programs on 2 DVDs

The first command in the Bible is for us to be fruitful (Gen. 1:28). When we abide in Jesus we bear much fruit. God wants the fruit of the Spirit and for us to realize our potential. God is patient and merciful and gives us time for our fruit to ripen. Make the most of your time; become all you can be.

The eight episodes include the following:

  • Make the Most of Your Time: The most precious gift God has given us is the gift of time. Rather than the nature of time, we need to know its significance.
  • Be Still and Know: Prayer is communication with God. It involves speaking, but especially listening. In time, when we listen we will come to know God and bear abundant fruit.
  • You are God’s Image: When God created us, He pronounced us very good. We are made up of the “stuff” of God. God gives us talent, energy and the desire to reach.
  • God is Your Healer: We live in a world of suffering and pain. God sometimes brings cure and always brings healing. The ultimate healing is to trust in God for eternal life.
  • The Cross: Power and Wisdom of God: Priests are called to preach what really matters. The Kerygma of the early church was salvation and forgiveness through the crucifixion of Christ.
  • The Death Experience: Father Cedric experienced two near death experiences when he was 20. In vivid detail he shares what we can expect when we die.
  • Christ is Alive!: Young people are the Now of the Church. We must engage them and speak and act in relevant ways in order to move them to participate and come into relationship with Jesus. Youth are gifted and called to know and proclaim Jesus.
  • Easter is for Everybody: Easter is a season that brings new life, abundance and fortifying hope. Jesus’ resurrection is for everyone because He rose to save all.