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Series 820
Fr. Cedric Pisegna, C.P. presents 8 TV Programs on 2 DVDs

God is the lifter of our head. (Ps. 3:3) As we submit our lives to God in faith, He lifts us up. We need to be elevated in our thoughts, our attitude, our destiny and especially in our relationship with God. This inspiring series will look at ways God touches our life and lifts us up.

The eight episodes include the following:

  • Affinity with the Trinity: The Trinity is not a mystery to be solved, but a relationship to be entered into. God is Father, Son and Spirit. As we focus on each person of the Trinity in prayer we will grow in intimacy and fullness of relationship with God.
  • As you think, so you are (Prov. 23:7): All of us have a constant flow of thoughts, called self-talk. Often this talk is negative and self-deprecating. Through reframing and the grace of the Holy Spirit, we can experience renewal. No matter what we are facing, “We got that!”
  • Think Big, Believe Big and Receive Big: Without a vision, people perish. With a vision, people flourish. The Spirit comes to give us dreams and visions. Through grace and work we can accomplish our dreams.
  • Be Lifted Up!: All of us face times of discouragement and disappointment. Jesus shows up to lift us up. We are lifted up as we listen to His word and participate in worship. A new tide of grace is coming to elevate us from the places we are stuck.
  • A New Heart: What is God doing in our life? His will and purpose is Romans 8:29. God is conforming us into the image of Jesus, His son. We are formed and shaped through our vocation, relationships and real life experiences.
  • God’s Will: We all pray for God’s will each day. God’s will is general for all, He wants us to be saved and know God. God’s will is also specific for each individual journey. God will work with us to guide us into the best life possible.
  • Maranatha: Advent is a season of preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus as well as for Christmas. We prepare by turning away from sin and proactively pursuing good deeds. We lift up our heads because our redemption is at hand!
  • Christmas: Jesus is the reason for the season. Jesus came to bring us eternal life. He came for the marginalized as well as for the religious. Because of Jesus we are adopted into the family of God. Jesus is the gift of inestimable value God has given to us.