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— Cristofer Pereyra and Erin Monnin
— Foreword by Archbishop José H. Gomez

With their new book, Catholic Leadership for Civil Society, authors Cristofer Pereyra and Erin Monnin provide a guide to authentic lay Catholic leadership. The book was born out of the experience gained through the work of Tepeyac Leadership, Inc. (TLI) a global non-profit organization dedicated to forming Catholic professionals in civic leadership. Much of the inspiration found in its pages also comes from the witness and exemplary leadership of two bishops who have closely guided the work of TLI, Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix, and Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles.

The authors wrote this book to challenge the laity to take on leadership roles in the secular world. They hope to reach the hearts and minds of Catholic professionals around the world, who might not otherwise be able to experience TLI’s signature civic formation program. The early chapters of the book lay out the reasons this book needed to be. The rest of the book’s action-oriented message compels the reader to execute on its vision. Catholic Leadership is written primarily for Catholic professionals in the early to mid-stages of their careers.

Catholic Leadership is structured to show that lay Catholic leadership is not meant to be lived out within the confines of the Catholic community exclusively, but rather to serve mainly as a guiding force which illuminates every aspect of secular society with the Truth of the Gospel. This book explains why lay Catholic professionals have a unique responsibility and privileged opportunity to influence the world for Christ. It’s not an optional prerogative, but their duty as baptized children of God. The authors explain that chance and coincidence are not compatible with the Catholic Faith. If God has blessed some lay Catholics with a professional career, then their career must obligatorily become those Catholics’ field of mission. Ultimately, this book explores specific fields and concrete ways to carry out Catholic leadership for civil society.
Paperback. 109 pages.

About the book, the Most Reverend José Gomez, Archbishop of Los Angeles has said, “In this fine book, Cristofer Pereyra and Erin Monnin offer an inspiring, hopeful, and practical vision for the new evangelization of our country.”He added, “May Our Lady of Guadalupe be near to each one of you who reads this, and may she help us all to be apostles and missionary disciples, lead many people to know the joy and newness of life that we have in Jesus Christ!”

About the work of TLI, the Most Reverend Thomas Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix has said, “The true call of the laity, the authentic vocation of lay Catholic men and women, is to be ambassadors of Christ in the world, living among everyone else in secular society, while striving for holiness, sanctifying the world, and witnessing to the Gospel wherever they go. This is the aim of TLI.”