GUIDEPOSTS FOR THE JOURNEY HOME - Conversion Stories with Marcus Grodi

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GUIDEPOSTS FOR THE JOURNEY HOME - Conversion Stories with Marcus Grodi
— Marcus Grodi
Edited by Laura Yanikoski

Let modern-day faith witnesses guide you on your journey to Heaven

“The guests in this collection each witness to how God reached out to them and opened their minds and hearts to let them know that He was always there, next to them, calling them home.”
— Marcus Grodi , from his introduction
Personal testimonies possess the spiritual dynamism to touch hearts. For over twenty-five years, The Journey Home program on EWTN has enjoyed immense success. Here you will find some of the show’s finest interviews, including answers to real-life questions posed by viewers. Popular and beloved guests Fr. Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R. and Mother Angelica recount their vocational journeys; Scott Hahn testifies to God’s mercy at work in his journey to the Catholic Faith; Steven Mosher valiantly defends the Church’s teachings on the sanctity of human life; and Alice von Hildebrand recounts the conversion of her brilliant and saintly husband, Dietrich.

Host Marcus Grodi’s aim is to share personal stories of conversion, hope, and renewal to help readers stay close to Christ and His Church amid life’s storms. Thus, Marcus and his guests offer a personal covenant relationship with Christ, covering spiritual and moral struggles and questions about Scripture, Tradition, and why the Catholic Church possesses the fullness of the truth.

In this treasure trove, you will find fascinating stories about miracles, healings, and vocational journeys. You will also learn about:
  • The “second conversion” we are all called to and what it entails
  • The stages of the spiritual life and the secret to progressing to the next level
  • Ways to grow in understanding and fervent devotion for the Mass and daily prayer
  • How to evangelize non-Catholics and “the sacramentalized”
  • Why the Church’s doctrine on marriage and family is crucial in modernity
  • Teachings on the pope, Our Lady, the Holy Eucharist, the sacraments, and more
The road to Heaven is steep and narrow, and our path doesn’t always seem clear. However, as you read the powerful stories of these faithful witnesses and walk with them on their transforming journeys, you will be moved by the profound love of God the Father, Who is always at your side. Gazing upon the splendor of truth, revealed through the Bible and the sacramental life of the Church, you will behold His wisdom at work in your life.
Paperback. 244 pages.