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Best-selling and award-winning author Susan Tassone reveals that the Diary of mystic and visionary St. Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938) doesn’t just contain Jesus’ communication to her. It presents timely and personal messages for each of us as well. If you long for a deeper connection with Jesus, learn what Jesus has to say to both St. Faustina and you in this ground-breaking new release that plumbs the depths of the Diary as no one has ever done before.
For the first time, you will learn how to hear and to live by Jesus’ words as if they were spoken directly to you. In these pages, you will discover the mercy, love, and compassion of the Lord that is available for you—day by day, each day of the year.
In Jesus Speaks to Faustina and You, you will learn:

  • The amazing depths of Jesus’ infinite and unfathomable love for you.
  • Ways to heal your family through the mystery of God’s mercy.
  • Powerful weapons for spiritual warfare.
  • Jesus’ revelation of the one place where the greatest of miracles always takes place.
  • Trusted ways to bring physical, mental, and spiritual healing to yourself and others.
  • Unfailing ways to overcome all temptations.
  • Why Purgatory is real, important…and a blessing.
  • How you can use the Chaplet for all needs, including overcoming despair, converting sinners, appeasing God’s anger, comforting the dying, and even finding solace in the midst of storms.
  • The eternal life-changing prayer you can pray for others that promises conversion.
  • How Faustina valued prayer so highly that she claimed every single grace comes to the soul through it.
  • Why child-like simplicity is the key to a fully-lived life.
  • Practical techniques for building trust.
  • How more than three dozen Scripture passages confirm the messages of the Diary.
  • How to discern the will of God for your own personal life.
  • The shortest and surest road to holiness.
Through her exhaustive study of the Diary and the power of Jesus’ messages that are intended for each of us, Susan has uncovered more than 30 major themes that Jesus wants to convey to all humanity. They include mercy, trust, suffering, simplicity, fear, and faithfulness. In Jesus Speaks to Faustina and You, you will discover how, by living these key themes, you can become the person God has called you to be. In this classic work, Jesus teaches you how to:
  • Develop stronger, deeper, and effective daily prayer.
  • Use everyday life as the way to holiness.
  • Use your suffering to help others, including the souls in purgatory.
  • Take advantage of the spiritual powers in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
  • Increase your awareness of and response to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.
  • Become a saint by learning from the Saint of Mercy, a woman who spent her life --day by day--learning about infinite love and the compassion of God, who is Divine Mercy.
The 365 entries in Jesus Speaks to Faustina and You feature a brief key quote of Jesus’ words from the Diaryaccompanied by a short original reflection and prayer. As a bonus, in more than three dozen of the reflections, a relevant Scripture passage helps clarify the Diary message.
Paperback. 425 pages.