LITTLE SPARK OF LIFE - A Celebration of Born and Preborn Human Life

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LITTLE SPARK OF LIFE - A Celebration of Born and Preborn Human Life
— Courtney Siebring with illustrations by Camila Carrossine

A new baby is coming! It's time to celebrate! With exciting rhymes and vibrant illustrations Little Spark of Life will help families get ready and learn more about the miracle of life.

All children are a gift from the Lord — fearfully and wonderfully made! In a safe and cozy family setting, author Courtney Siebring tells the whole story of how every "little spark" grows into a one-of-a-kind, wonderful creation of human life. She explains how every detail — boy or girl, blue eyes or brown, curly or straight hair — is set in place from the very beginning, and how week by week the baby inside Mom grows and changes until Baby is finally ready to be born!
Little Spark of Life:

  • Is the perfect book for big brothers and sisters ages 4-8 getting ready for a new baby to come
  • Makes a wonderful gift for baby showers
  • Provides parents, grandparents, and caregivers a wonderful narrative to help explain the miracle of life
  • Supports the value of life messaging and the worth of every child
  • Gives a biblical perspective and Christian worldview regarding when life begins and the wonder of human development
  • A valuable resource for homeschooling families, librarians, children's ministers, Sunday school teachers, and Christian school educators
It's never too early to impart little ones with respect and love for the Creator, and every single life in His care! Little Spark of Life demonstrates the great love that families can share in together as they embark on the journey to welcome a new baby, and will provide a wonderful platform for conversation about just how much every child is needed, loved, and uniquely valued.
Hardcover. 32 pages.