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The Pandemic of 2020 as well as racial tensions have changed the world. Many are anxious, afraid and worried. Some are turning to alcohol and other substances to escape the turmoil. In this important series, Fr. Cedric names the problems and offers hope. There is a solution. Through trusting God and cooperating with grace we can find serenity and resurgence in our spiritual, mental and emotional lives.

The eight episodes include the following:

  • Isolated but Insulated: Loneliness is epidemic. Some statisticians say three out of every five adults are lonely. The isolation of the pandemic has heightened this suffering. The pandemic has led to a “monastic moment”. Rather than being separated from God we can discover God anew. We are never, ever alone. God is closer to us than we are to ourselves.
  • Worrier or Warrior: We all have worries in life. Paul taught us to give thanks in the circumstances and the peace of God would keep us. Fear, anxiety and worry can grip us and make us spiral. Jesus offers the way of victory. Don’t let fear and worry steal your peace or your destiny.
  • Don’t Let Your Hearts Be Troubled: At the Last Supper, Jesus bequeathed to us His peace. He told us not to let our circumstances and troubles overwhelm us. We are responsible for our hearts and reactions to life. As we lean on God and depend on Him we will experience stability and unshakable faith.
  • You Don’t Have to Stay Stuck: Addictions, bad habits and habitual sins are rampant. The pandemic has brought about stress and turmoil and many are turning to various substances to escape. The Twelve Step program offers a solution. Through God, this spiritual program will help people come to recovery, sobriety and grow spiritually.
  • Anger Kills: Anger is an emotion. It is not a sin in and of itself. Rather it is our reaction to the feeling of anger that can cause us to sin. Don’t allow anger to control you. As you exercise self-control and manage your anger, you will be victorious in life and even bring about needed change.
  • By Patience You Will Win Your Soul (Lk 21:19): Patience is a necessary virtue in the spiritual life. Trials, sufferings and adversities can forge our souls and produce patience. God is after the image of Jesus in us. We will come out of the fire better than ever.
  • Higher Love: Love is the main virtue God wants form us. Jesus is always trying to move us higher and further. Through God’s touch of love, Jesus will empower us to love and to love more deeply. Who you are is God’s gift to you. Who you become is your gift to God.
  • The Final Things: Death is the great unknown. What will happen when we die? Fr. Cedric shares about his two near death experiences. He also teaches about the Particular Judgment, Last Judgment, the Second Coming of Christ and the Resurrection. Eye has not seen what God has ready for us.