REJOICING IN OUR HOPE - Meditations for the Advent and Christmas Seasons

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REJOICING IN OUR HOPE - Meditations for the Advent and Christmas Seasons
— Bishop Robert J. Baker

"God is here.  He has not withdrawn from the world; He has not deserted us."
— Bishop Robert Baker
In this enlightening and cathartic devotional, Bishop Baker shares stories and reflections on Sacred Scripture, the saints, popes, and other famous individuals that provide hope and inspiration for the Advent and Christmas seasons.

“We Christians see Jesus as the hope of the world”, Bishop Baker says. “He is Emmanuel, god with us. No matter what our situation, no matter how bleak, God is with us, and He walks with us through the struggles and turmoil of life.”

These brief, power-packed meditations include penetrating daily questions for reflection and action. They also offer a prayer for each day while lighting the Advent or Christ candle. You will find practical tips on applying gospel living to your life, interceding for other who are suffering or away from God, and exercising the virtue of hope to overcome discouragement.

Through Bishop Baker’s inspiring words of wisdom, you will receive time-tested ways of fruitfully preparing for Advent. You will also learn:
  • The “prescription” to keep going — and the secret to finding joy
  • Your greatest source of hope this side of eternity
  • The words that have the power to lead you to Christ’s mercy
  • One tangible way to help overcome the fear of death
  • The “regimen” for overcoming addictive behavior
  • A special devotion to help you overcome fear and anxiety
In addition, you will discover a variety of spiritual practices that will help you grow in holiness. As you walk in the way of spiritual childhood with the Lord, you will delight in becoming “a little infant so that you may love Him without fear” (St. Katherine Drexel). When you and your family take a few moments each day to be still before the Baby Jesus’ crib, you will encounter the love of the Holy Family and discover a new level of peace, healing, and reconciliation.

Whether you or a loved one are struggling with illness, looking to fortify your faith, or juggling a myriad of worldly concerns, Bishop Baker’s words will strengthen you and prepare you to receive our newborn Savior anew at Christmas. With your prayers to the Prince of Peace you will bring light into darkness, gain a greater respect for human life and Christian unity, and release the saving power of Christ’s presence to the world.
Paperback. 161 pages.