SCIENCE, REASON, AND FAITH - Discovering the Bible

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SCIENCE, REASON, AND FAITH - Discovering the Bible
— Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ

Built into our very nature is a desire to know about the world around us. The big questions of human existence are inescapable:

Who am I?
Why am I here, and where am I going?
Why is there evil in the world?
What is the meaning of life?
This yearning for truth ultimately leads us to our Creator. God knows the longings of the human heart, and He reveals Himself to us through creation, through Scripture, and ultimately through the Incarnation. Because God the Son became man, we have a person to look to in our pursuit of truth: Jesus Christ Himself, Who is Truth. Christ helps us see that truth is not just the object of science and reason, but what animates the mysterious and loving power of faith.

In Science, Reason, and Faith, Father Spitzer, explores in depth the Bible and the intersection of three realms that the secular world tells us are separate and incompatible. Fr. Spitzer draws the modern reader's attention to the many seeming conflicts between science, reason, and Catholic teaching. By tackling these difficult questions, he shows that it is precisely through the integration of science, reason, and faith that we can truly discover ourselves, our world, and our God.
Paperback. 357 pages.