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Product Description

In 1954, the monks of St. Joseph’s Abbey were inspired to begin producing a range of premier, all natural jams, jellies, preserves and conserves.

  • The monks only enjoy the jams and jellies on Sundays and special feast days, but out in the world every day can be a feast day for you!
  • All Natural:
    NO Artificial Colorings
    NO Artificial Flavoring
    NO Artificial Preservatives
  • Available Flavors:
    Apricot Preserve
    Apricot-Pineapple Preserve
    Blackberry Seedless Jam
    Blueberry Preserve
    Boysenberry Seedless Jam
    Burgundy Wine Jelly
    Cherry Preserve
    Concord Grape Jelly
    Cranberry Conserve
    Damson Plum Jam
    Elderberry Jelly
    Ginger Preserve
    Kadota Fig Preserve
    Lemon Marmalade
    Peach Preserve
    Port Wine Jelly
    Quince Jelly
    Red Currant Jelly
    Red Raspberry Jam
    Red Raspberry Seedless Jam
    Rhubarb-Orange Conserve
    Rhubarb-Strawberry Preserve
    Sherry Wine Jelly
    Strawberry Preserve
    Sweet Orange Marmalade
  • Handcrafted in the USA
Trappist Preserves products are renowned for superior flavor, vibrant color, consistency of gel, texture and distribution of fruit in each jar. No artificial coloring, flavors or preservatives are used.

PRESERVES are made from the whole fruit
JAMS are made from puréed fruit
JELLIES are made from fruit juice
CONSERVES are made from whole fruit; raisins & nuts may be included
MARMALADES include peel

Saint Joseph’s Abbey, is a cloistered Roman Catholic monastery of monks of the Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance, commonly known as Trappists. This religious community was established in 1825 in Spencer, MA. The monks following the Rule of Saint Benedict have prayed and worked in common, and lived by the labor of their hands which is a key tenet of monastic life. The Rule of St. Benedict says, “then they are truly monks when they live by the labor of their hands”. Traditionally Trappist did this by farming and hospitality has also always been a special work of the monks, who for centuries have preserved food products with extraordinary care. Trappist Preserves allows the monks to support themselves by following a key tenet of monastic life through prayer and the work of their hands. Ora et Labora.

Recipe Ideas

- Cranberry Sauce – Boil fresh cranberries 1 to 1 in water until they pop, drain the water, then open a jar of your favorite Trappist Preserves (like blueberry or raspberry) and mix together.

-For a main course, use fig preserves as a glaze when baking chicken.

-Pair the burgundy wine, or fig preserves with cheeses in a charcuterie platter.

-Mix a jar of peach preserves with BBQ sauce in your crock pot and add meatballs.

-Glaze your pies and baked goods by brushing on warmed apricot jam.

- Add juice from ½ a lemon with your favorite jar of preserves and pour over the top of a cheesecake.