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Series 925
Fr. Cedric Pisegna, C.P. presents 8 TV Programs on 2 DVDs

Developing our trust in God is the most important truth we must learn. Although the world is chaotic and there are a multitude of sufferings, God is trustworthy. God’s character is impeccable and God’s power Almighty. As we trust in God at all times we will discover the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. This series will help you to increase in trust.

The eight episodes include the following:

  • 1. Lean on the Everlasting Arms: Trust is relying on God Who has proved Himself dependable. God is still in control. Even though we go through difficulties, we can still trust God.
  • 2. God is Trustworthy: We live in a fallen world. There are sufferings of every kind. Despite the trials, God is still in control. Even though we go through difficulties, we can still trust God.
  • 3. I know my Redeemer lives!: Jesus gave His life on the cross as a ransom. Trust that Jesus suffered and died for you personally. Redemption means forgiveness and the transformation of our life. Our redeemer lives!
  • 4. Prayer an act of Trust: When we pray we are trusting God is there., hears us and will answer us. The ancient practice of Lectio Divina is a way to hear from God. As you read the Bible, Pause and act on what you read, you will experience the fullness of blessings.
  • 5. Pandemic Epidemic: The Pandemic may be over, but its after-effects are still felt. People are suffering with habitual sins and various addictions. However, there is a solution! Through trusting in God’s power and care, there is help.
  • 6. Work with Enthusiasm!: There is great value and dignity in work. God is working still and so is Jesus. God is at work in and through us. When we take the initiative, risk and are bold, we can expect to be fruitful. Fortune favors the brave.
  • 7. Jesus – The Way, the Truth, and the Life: Jesus is the truth. He is true God from true God. Truth shines, beckons and calls to us. All things beautiful point to truth. We must be careful not to be led astray by lies. Trust the truth and live truth. Truth lasts forever.
  • 8. Jesus, the narrow gate: Jesus taught we must strive to enter through the narrow gate. The path to eternal life is difficult and there are few who will find it. We must trust Jesus for salvation. As disciples we must be purified through our sufferings and trials. Strive and endure.