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Series 890
Fr. Cedric Pisegna, C.P. presents 8 TV Programs on 2 DVDs

Ephesians tells us we are blessed with every spiritual blessing in the Heavens. God’s nature is to bless. God blesses the just and the unjust, the good and the bad. This series will open your heart to God’s blessings spiritually as well as materially. As we believe and are obedient we will see increase and abundance in our lives.

The eight episodes include the following:

  • Jesus the light of the world: Jesus is the world’s light. Light is therapeutic. He comes to feed our soul, guide our life and illumine our way. Because of Jesus any darkness can be dispelled.
  • You are anointed: 1 John tells us the anointing abides and is real. God’s Spirit comes with power, motivation and ability. Because of God’s anointing we can face our giants and go through any trial.
  • You are Blessed: God’s blessing is a free gift that must be received. God will make His face shine upon you and keep you.
  • Making sense out of suffering: Jesus said His sufferings were necessary. Our sufferings are a key ingredient to our having hope, meaning, purification and personal change. Our sufferings deepen us and bring us from the superficial to the supernatural.
  • The Power of Pentecost: When the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles they experienced power and abundance. God fills us with His same Spirit over and over again. Because of the Holy Spirit we can be changed and illumined.
  • Ongoing Conversion: Conversion is both initial and ongoing. During the process of conversion we must be transformed. We change from selfishness to selflessness.
  • The Farewell Gift: At the Last Supper Jesus bequeathed to us a gift he wanted to be remembered by: Peace. Peace is not the absence of trials and difficulties, but serenity in the storm.
  • Ask and you shall receive: Questions are part and parcel of life on earth. Asking the right questions leads to wisdom and understanding. If we keep on asking and seeking, we will discover wisdom.