Statues of Mary

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This mini statue of the Madonna Egyptian style is perfect for any wall of the house. It Measures 6 1/2' and can be easily hung in your home, its made of a resin-mix. These unique statues are made in Colombia. ...
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This is a replica of an ancient statue of Our Lady with the Child Jesus that was brought from Egypt to northern France at the time of the Crusades by three knights of The Sovereign Military and Hospitaller Order ...
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These beautifully detailed pewter statues have been commissioned to be the absolute paragon of detail and quality. Each figure is securely mounted on a cast pewter base that is engraved with the subject’s name and ...
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This beautiful statue modeled after the popular painting of L'Innocence by William Bouguereau is hand-painted from the Veronese collection. It is made of resin and measures 11¾”H. ...
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This statue is fashioned after the famous painting of the Immaculate Conception by Bartolome Esteban Murillo. It depicts Our Lady in the clouds above an Adoring Angel and two Cherubs one holding wheat and the ...